Alien Advice

Have you ever had an insight about a business outside your own area of expertise?

Off course you have.

But instead of sharing it with those you know in that specific industry, you probably chose to hold it back. You may have taken refuge in the belief that your lack of expertise would not help make much of a case for the idea.

That, or you were afraid of looking ridiculous or even worse: you succumbed to the short-sighted ‘what’s in it for me” mentality of scarcity thinking’!

If you think about it, outsiders have often taken certain industries to new levels.

Never forget that Jeff Bezos didn’t have any experience at all in selling books before he set up Amazon and that Apple was not in the music business either before they entirely transformed the industry and took control of the way it operated going forward….

Candidly sharing ‘amateur’ insights with members of your network in other industries could be a way to prompt them to think out of their box.

What a great way to add value!

Who knows, they may love the idea and even ask you to come and show them how…

Think about it.

The incredible shrinking salesman

Salespeople are up for a big challenge because an increasing number of customers don’t rely on them anymore to understand their products.

In many ways, the sales person is being edited out of the picture because in today’s online world, people can get most of the information they need by themselves.

A great deal of the sales process has now been automated and in many industries salespeople have been reduced to ‘client take-on’ activities only. This means there is less added value and therefore less money to be made for the former sales stars…

The world may have changed but people haven’t.

We all still cherish relationships with others, even if they are virtual. The amazing success of social networking sites confirms that this as an indisputable fact.

Salespeople who can efficiently attract and manage a large number of personal relationships are probably going to be fine but those who make strong and emotional connections with large amounts of people will be indispensable!

…and by the way, many of these connections will not be in person!