History is made in the future

pre colombian UFO

History is a reconstruction of the past. Things look very different when you look at them backwards in time. We apply the rules of logic to explain the causes and the effects of past events. We are hardly ever aware of the impact today’s events will have on the future, yet in retrospect, certain events […]

The empire strikes back


Something very big is about to happen! The US government is working hard to pass a law that would allow them to censor the Internet! This law is known as the Protect IP Act and it is disguised as a way to protect intellectual and artistic property. If the law gets passed, the US government […]

Hide and Seek


Here is the second chapter in our series of Social Media for Fund Managers that I am co-writing with Ole Rollag, principal of www.muranoconnect.com . In this piece we look at what we call ‘Inward’ use of social media. When we refer to ‘inward’ social media for asset managers, we simply mean using social media […]

Population is economic rocket fuel

hans rosling population growth

The 7 billionth person on Earth was born last week. It takes a nice and big round number like this to focus everyone’s perspective on the fact that the number of inhabitants on this planet is now more than double than it was since the 1970’s. Indeed, within less than a lifetime, the world’s population […]