A Crystal Ball for Christmas!


I wish you a Merry Christmas! I hope you can spend it in good company.

Today’s short piece is about harnessing the abundance of data social media has to offer.

Social media helps take the “guessing” out of marketing. It makes the entire effort measurable. It allows you to find out what a market is thinking and who the influencers are – in real time!

If you take the time to develop a method and a strategy to mine the abundance of data that results from social media, it is the closest you can get to having a crystal ball.

I often put forward the argument that the number of consumers in the world will triple during our lifetime. Most of these new spenders will be online and live in exotic places that have their own distinct cultures.

They could become your clients, provided you can understand what their world is all about and what their needs are. You don’t even have to travel there to gather the essential data!

The opportunity is vastly underestimated. It is time to tool up your business and make it more ‘world savvy’!

If you are one of those people who believe that Facebook and Twitter are too silly to be part of the business world, you really may want to think again.

I am old enough to remember that back in the mid-90’s, many thought the mobile phone was merely a preposterous toy with which to show off.  I remember hearing many people say they would never get one because the invasion of their privacy would be unacceptable…sound familiar?

Never say never…

Social media platforms have become very powerful. They can overthrow long standing regimes and have become an enormous threat to incompetent politicians.

It comes as no surprise some of these high level under-achievers are trying to sabotage its proliferation, but that is another story all together. Check out the post I wrote about it recently.