Breaking bad (communication habits)

I often talk about how businesses should use modern media to put up a beacon to attract more business. 

I know, this is not exactly a new idea...

But just beaming out slogans and sales messages will only add to the already deafening noise. That's advertising. Most people don't enjoy it.

This is where content marketing comes in - 'to provide valuable information that attracts and educates your ideal customer'. A wonderful idea! But how many special reports, white papers, reports, eBooks, and infographics can you handle?

Unfortunately, 'Content Marketing' is quickly becoming another kind of 'noise.

You will also often hear me say that businesses should think more like the entertainment industry does. The reason for this is because they already figured out a long time ago how to attract and keep an audience's attention.

Think about it: you probably feel too busy to get your work done but you willingly give up your valuable time to binge-watch your favorite TV show...

From a rational standpoint, this makes no sense because you get nothing in return from watching a show. Your time might be better spent getting some work out of the way! 

But the thing is that we are not rational. There's much research out there that says that only a tiny part of us is rational, I think the most common figure you will see is 7% - I didn't look it up, but that sounds about right from the top of my mind... Then again, even if we were more rational, say 10-20%, it wouldn't really change the argument very much, would it?

We are emotional creatures. For most of us, feelings trigger thoughts, not the other way around...

So the formula is actually quite simple: go and figure out how the entertainment industry gets people's ongoing attention and take what you learn back to your business communication... 

And you know what, that is actually really fun to do!

Let me show you an example of this in play. 

A couple of years ago, I helped produce an educational series about investing in diamonds. As you may know, it is an opaque and mysterious world, rooted in traditions and reserved for experts only. 

My client wanted to make it easier for people to understand diamonds as an asset class, so we set out to make our own little 'TV series'

Watch the pilot episode. We will take you on a covert visit to Antwerp's diamond district...

If you'd like to learn more about this fascinating world, you can sign up for the entire series on Rocks International's website.

You might come away knowing a lot more about diamonds while getting entertained :-)

What would your documentary look like?