Fund Manager Mistake #3: Trying to go all the way on the first date

I recently teamed up with Matt Krause of Doppler Communications to record an interview series about the typical mistakes fund managers make when it comes to presenting their business. I've been in the fund management business for years and we mostly talk about all the mistakes I used to make myself. You know the saying 'never let good failures go to waste' :-).


With Doppler Communications, Matt focuses on helping us improve our presentation skills.  I drop everything to read his emails because they always give me great insights.


In this series, we covered the 5 main mistakes fund managers make. Here's what we'll cover today:


Mistake #3

Trying to go all the way on the first date




You get the meeting, it’s in the diary, and you walk in there with your big pitch book. You’re excited, maybe a little bit nervous. Gotta land this client!


But slow down, cowboy! You wouldn’t really expect to go all the way on a first date, and you’re not going to go all the way here, either. Cover your main two or three points, and then get out. It’s perfectly fine to leave some questions unanswered. 


Practice it in front of the mirror until you are blue in the face: “Can we come back to this? I’m terribly sorry, but I don’t want to be late for my next meeting” (say it even if you don’t have the next meeting).


Our moms said it best when they told us growing up, “Leave them wanting more.”