Fund Manager Mistake #4: Putting the wrong person up there on stage

I recently teamed up with Matt Krause of Doppler Communications to record an interview series about the typical mistakes fund managers make when it comes to presenting their business. I've been in the fund management business for years and we mostly talk about all the mistakes I used to make myself.

You know the saying 'never let good failures go to waste' :-).

With Doppler Communications, Matt focuses on helping us improve our presentation skills.  I drop everything to read his emails because they always give me great insights.

In this series, we covered the 5 main mistakes fund managers make. Here's what we'll cover today:


Mistake #4

Putting the wrong person up there on stage




At a conference, the speaking gig often goes to the CEO.

However, that’s not necessarily the best person to represent your company.

The best person to represent your company is the one who can convey your message the best. The natural stage animal.

And there’s another reason to think twice before putting the CEO up on stage:

The CEO is often too busy to make the slide deck. So the CEO is often operating at only 70% efficiency up there on stage, because he (or, increasingly, she) is busy thinking about the next few slides, rather than giving everything to the slide that’s currently on the screen. The audience can feel the disconnection and senses the confusion, even if it doesn’t know exactly where the confusion is coming from. Your company ends up looking disconnected and confused, even though it isn’t.