How to package your story

The other day I went out to Barcelona to do my Storify Your Business talk at Sealed Air's company event in Barcelona. 


The truth is that initially I felt very much out of my comfort zone because I was stepping into an industry that I know absolutely nothing about: Food packaging.


However, as I learned more about the world of packaging, I discovered that most of the same rules apply as in other B2B2C industries.  More specifically, when I spoke about the disconnect between the way customers and experts view their product, I saw many people in the audience nod in agreement. As I did my research prior to the presentation, I also learned that packages can be an amazing vehicle to tell a story. 


So this talk was literally about 'how to package your story'.


Here's what this 23-minute video covers:

  • Stories are the password to anyone's attention
  • Great stories are not about us, but all about our customers
  • Our package should be the character of the story that our customers can connect with