How to stop 'mumbling' about your business

What I’m about to describe below may sound familiar to you.

Imagine you are at a networking event. During a conversation, you ask the other person about what they do and when they respond, they stumble all over the effort of trying to explain it to you.

It happens to most of us. I certainly struggle with it more than I am willing to admit, even to myself!

The reason why we go off on rants is because we don’t really know where to start. We even may start throwing around a bunch of jargon and buzzwords at people, regardless if they are familiar with our industry or not. Some of us will start by saying something like “It’s complicated...” Others will just mention their title and say little more.

There’s a world of messiness when it comes to elevator pitches. Regardless of what goes down, to the person who is listening, it often sounds like we are mumbling. How great would it be to always have a clear answer that lets anyone, yes, ANYONE immediately understand what you do,
And what if you could not only explain what you do in a matter of seconds, but also trigger a feeling of fascination within them and a desire to know more?

It can be done! There are methods to help you clarify your message, both the long and short versions.

If there is anything I get hired for more anything else, it always has to do with straightening out business messages. Most of the time I work with businesses that have complex propositions and are struggling to explain them to the world. Actually, let me re-phrase that: "Businesses that make their messages so complicated that most people struggle to understand them".
I guess it comes as no surprise that most of my work is done in the investment industry :-)
Here's another way of putting it: The more we try to impress our prospects with smartness, the dumber our prospects will feel.

Please think about that for a moment...

Will people buy things they don't understand? Some will, but most people won't cross the line - unless they see everyone else doing it, of course. But most of the time they won't do it because deep inside they realise they can't justify the decision by explaining it to others. That is a career red light and big deal breaker!

But the thing is, any business, regardless of how complex its industry is, can simplify its message to and make it simple to understand to anyone.

Best of all is that it is actually quite simple because all it takes is to apply an ancient method that we all inherently understand: Storytelling.

Starting from today, I am going to share a new series with you. It is called 'Storify Your Business'.
It's what most of my business is about and I often teach these insights during my training programs.

We are going to explore how to get your business message right.
It is worth paying attention to because when you get it right, interesting things start to happen:
When you tell a great story, people pay attention.

When your message is easy to understand, others will spread it for you! Stories make your business more human and easier for people to relate to. A clear message attracts more business....

Are you ready for that?