Encore Interview with JB Beckett

There was so much to talk about in the first interview thaMatt Krause and I asked JB Beckett of NewFundOrder to come back for an 'encore episode'

In this interview, JB talks about what prompted him to write #New Fund Order, and about fintech and AI.

A summary of some of JB’s comments:

–He wrote most of the first draft of #NFO in a single week of feverish activity.

–Running a fund is neither art nor science, it is “fuzzy logic” and plenty of subjective judgement. We are human beings trying to make money for other human beings and for ourselves in the process.

–Fund companies might actually be inhibiting fintech progress, or maybe not. They don’t seem to be so sure themselves.

–Smartphones, and the companies that produce them, bring more disruption potential to the financial services industry than people in the industry seem to realize.

Thank you for your time JB, it was a great pleasure to have you back!


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