Mistakes Fund Managers Make

If you are in the fund management business, keep reading because I think you will get good value from what is about to follow.

I recently teamed up with Matt Krause of Doppler Communications to record an interview series about the typical mistakes fund managers make when it comes to presenting their business.

I was really excited to do this series with Matt because I kind of know what I am talking about here. The reason I say this is because I used to make all these mistakes myself when I was in the fund management business :-)

With Doppler Communications, Matt focuses on helping us improve our presentation skills.  I'm always looking out for what he has to say because his content is as valuable as it gets!

And because we are both are sort of playing together in the same corner of the sandbox, I thought it would make lot's of sense to for you to benefit from the amazing work they are doing!

In this series, we covered the 5 main mistakes fund managers make.

I'd like to take you to the first episode which is all about not equipping your investor to argue your case to the other investors.




You’re an expert, and the person you’re speaking to is probably also an expert. So it’s tempting to get lazy and stay in your expert comfort zone.

But remember, you are not just speaking to that person. You are also speaking to the other people that person will need to speak to in order to get your investment approved.

And many of those other people will probably not be financial experts. In fact, most of them probably won’t be. They might be on the board of trustees because they are experts in something else, like corporate governance, or maybe because they got rich owning a factory, or selling a consumer product of some sort.

So in order to get the approval you need, you need to not only speak to the person in front of you, you need to equip that person to speak to the other people on the board.