Online content: Will competitors steal our ideas?

“If we put our ideas online our competitors will steal them!!!"

This is one of the top 5 fears or objections I get when I speak about becoming more visible online.

I have a peculiar view on this. It comes as a result of some thinking and mostly from experience:
You need to work on your customer relationships!

Remember this scene?

Personally, I believe if you are that worried about your competitors it means that you haven’t done enough to build strong relationships with your customers. Apart from offering massive value, this is the only other thing you can control.

Avoid repelling customers with your insecurity

If you cultivate the belief that you can keep your competitors away from your customers or vice-versa you may be at risk of coming over as insecure, and that is pure 'kryptonite' that will certainly make your customers choose your competitors!

Embrace the power of abundance

It is also a symptom that you are suffering from a scarcity mindset. That is a condition from the past when information was power. Today information is a commodity, you get power from sharing it so that people can make sense of it.

Tell your story through the people in and around your business

There's one thing your competitors will never have and that is the group of people in and around your business. All it takes is to tell your story through them.

Make your people or your customers look amazing and they will share it with the world. When your competitors see that your people are proud and happy, they will want to defect over to you.