The Great Escape - Are you ready for a virtual world?

Don't be fooled by the bulky goggles. That is only the beginning…


It would be like dismissing the possibility of the internet changing the world back in the dial-up days.


The thing is, that is exactly how most of us saw things back then.


I'm old enough to remember that businesses thought that having a web page was a cute little 'nice to have' idea.


A century ago, people didn't believe in automobiles either. Where are the horses!?


What about aeroplanes? I remember how my grandfather put all his affairs in order before taking his first flight in the mid-1970s. It wasn't only his idea, people advised him to do so.


Today, it is happening again. This time, that new fad is virtual reality (VR).


I believe that VR will be the most transformative force we have ever seen. 


Think about it...


We really want it. It is the thing of our dreams. I mean this quite literally because our dreams are essentially a form of natural VR with a Snapchat effect.


And if that is too abstract, think about how we spend most of the time daydreaming. That is VR, no matter how you look at it!


We crave alternate realities because we want to escape from our mundane lives.


Think about how we already go out of our way to create virtual identities for ourselves. Not only in our imagination but for the whole world to see. Isn't that what social media is all about?


We want it so badly that we managed to get more than half of the world’s population online in less than 15 years! 


We simply can’t resist the lure of escaping!


Need more proof?


Why do we binge-watch TV series?

How come the rules of tight attention spans don't apply to great movies?


Again, it is all about escape.


But what if we could ‘really' step into those worlds?

And, what if you could edit and select your ‘reality’ on demand?
We want it and we will get it.

But most importantly, how can you be a part of someone’s edited world?


As a business, that may be one of the most strategic questions you can ask right now...


What is your VR strategy?