The password to anyone's attention

You may think of storytelling as an art form. Yet, the more you learn about it, you realise that, in practice, it is much more of a science. In a way, it is both disappointing and reassuring that great storytelling is all about applying formulas that have been tried and tested over time. 

The most essential of these formulas is the 3-act story structure. This is a format that has been the basic blueprint for most stories for as long as we can remember:

Opening > Confrontation > Resolution

If you start paying attention to it, you will notice that almost every story that survived the test of time was built upon this foundation.

It is the formula that keeps audiences engaged. This is why the best scriptwriters, producers, and book editors always impose this 3-act structure onto their stories. They swear by it because it works like a spell.

I like to think of it as a password to anyone’s attention...

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