Weaponising the human experience

I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like to get calls from all those pepped-up telemarketers in loud rooms.


The fact that they keep doing it means that it must somehow work. I guess there is a whole playbook of tried and tested scripts on how to turn no’s into yesses.


Then again, I am not into telemarketing just like others may not be into hunting.


Just trying to get off the phone with these 'sales creatures' is quite the challenge because they use all this verbal aikido to keep you on the line.


Eventually, you just hang up as soon as you hear the murmur of the call centre on the other end of the line. Doing this to someone who is trying to make a living isn’t exactly the most uplifting feeling in the world, but it certainly beats stepping into the proverbial chewing gum of the forced sales call.


I like to think of it all as ‘weaponising the human experience'.


But here’s the thing that really has me confused:


What happens when you decide you want to speak to a business?


Maybe you liked their webpage.


Maybe it was a friend who recommended it.


Maybe you read an article or got drawn into an ad.


When that happens, why is it so difficult to actually speak to a real human!?


There’s the “touch 1 for….touch 2 for….” robot


...or the "Sorry we really care about you but it is unusually busy….”


…what about the happy chatbot?


…sometimes you simply can’t find a number to call to begin with and you have to use that stupid chat box that leaves you wondering if you have really been chatting with real people or with cylons...


Then again, I guess all those pepped-up human operators are too busy figuring out how to call all those people who really don’t want to hear from them…


Can you make any sense out of this?