What is the story that people tell about you?

When you need to get something to someone ASAP and make sure it actually happens, chances are that you will call DHL because they said ‘they would keep your promises’.

Ask someone why they like their BMW and they will probably tell you that it is all about the driving experience. It’s true, driving a BMW feels wonderful, but to be honest, you could say that about many cars these days.

The thing is that BMW puts those exact words in our mouth. They carefully crafted a slogan that formulates a promise. 

This vocabulary probably helped many first-time owners make the decision to choose a BMW over any other high-end car. 

What are people saying about you when you are not around?
Have you given them the words to describe your promise to others?

Branding is not really about you. It is all about your clients. More specifically, it is all about that promise you can keep. It’s about helping your clients find the right words to tell others why they chose you.

What is the story your clients are telling others about you when you are not there?

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