I'm a regular speaker at conferences and corporate events. I also run training programs and workshops. The topics I present about are:

  • Storify Your Business (SYB) - Attract the right clients with the right message. Leverage the power of storytelling to earn the ongoing attention of your target audience.
  • Business to Human (B2H) - Build stronger human relationships in an increasingly virtual world with strategies and systems to find the right prospects, convert them into clients and build an army of fans that refer more business to you.
  • Virtual Humanity (VH) - How to build human strategies in an increasingly artificial world. Our technology is evolving exponentially, but how do we make sure we don't get left behind.

Speaker Biography

For event organizers: just right-click on this image to download it for your brochures and event pages.

For event organizers: just right-click on this image to download it for your brochures and event pages.

Baldwin provides advisory services and training programs to help businesses and professionals clarify their message and design effective business development strategies that get results in an increasingly distracting world of information overload.

His specialty is all about making complex propositions easy to understand, creating business stories that connect with the right prospects, and developing processes to convert more opportunities into business during long sales cycles.

For more than 25 years Baldwin has been active in the finance and education industries, working with professionals around the world.

He lives and works in Brussels and Madrid. More information about his programs can be found on www.BaldwinBerges.com

Baldwin’s keynote presentation at our Fund Summit added so much value to event. It really got our audience thinking about all the opportunities that today’s technology offers to make stronger human connections. Even a year later, I have people coming up to me asking about it. A class act.
— Neil Wise, Head of Sales and Relationship Management, Investment Funds Services, Clearstream Banking
Baldwin’s presentation about our future society and a digital business transformation was not only an eye-opener for the complete audience, his enthusiasm and concrete examples showed clearly that transformation is not a threat but a great opportunity for all our employees
— Walter De Groof, Chief Digital Officer, Computer Profile Group
Baldwin is an insightful and engaging speaker, I’ve heard him on various occasions and he never ceases to inspire. His dynamic sessions are easy to follow and I always leave feeling energised and with new ideas. Baldwin’s strong business acumen and understanding of new business trends makes him a point of reference for strategic development.
— Gustav Johansson, Director Finance and Operations, Singularis Advisors

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