Nilofer Merchant

Creating value in the social era with Nilofer Merchant

I had the opportunity to speak with Nilofer Merchant at the Fund Forum International in Monaco. Nilofer is the kind of person the investment management industry needs to pay attention to because the sector's 'left-brained' culture is distancing it from the everyday customer. Nilofer's ideas … [Read More...]

Fear face

Fearless about Fear

“Aren’t you afraid of the way you write for your blog…you know, putting your intimate thoughts out there for everyone to see and all…?” “Off course its scary. That’s precisely why I do it. I love that moment of hesitation just before hitting the ‘publish’ button. That’s when I’m thinking: Shouldn’t  I just save it as […]


Don’t do it in an elevator!

Who ever came up with the idea of the “Elevator Pitch”? I don’t know about you, but I never really warmed up to the idea of having to convey my essential value proposition in an elevator. I really can’t think of a more awkward place to make a first impression than these creepy and confined […]

obama on phone

You’d better hope your kids want to be writers!

  Not so long ago, if you would tell your parents that you wanted to be a writer, chances were that you would probably shatter their hopes for your prosperous future. However,  in 1982 the grand genius of advertising, David Ogilvy, wrote a seriously thought provoking memo to all his co-workers. The memo was titled […]