How to find Investors on Social Media Platforms

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I had a very insightful conversation with David Mark, the founder of Fundz about how he goes about connecting investors to opportunity though social networks.

I think the best way to describe David is as a capital acquisition professional and a crowdfunding maven. He set up as a bridge between the traditional investor community and those startups and platforms looking to raise capital.

This podcast is certainly a must listen because we get into ‘talking shop’ about:

  • How to identify and approach investors on social platforms, especially on Linkedin and twitter
  • Tips and tricks on how to resonate with potential prospects on these platforms and the importance of great headlines and compelling content.
  • The challenges, opportunities and outlook for the crowdfunding industry, especially on how it can get more engagement from it’s investor members.
  • How today’s simple technology makes it very easy to build tight communities of like-minded investors.
  • How the traditional language of investing is giving way to the need for a more casual exchange with great storytelling as a key success factor for capital raising.

Check out this episode!

Do you speak Body?

The thing is that we all do. In fact it is the oldest language we know and we all get ‘shipped’ with it when we are born.

As far as we know, the human species as we know it has been around for around 200,000 years (but I believe there have been recent discoveries that date us much further back).

Scientific opinions seem to converge around the assumption that humans only developed the faculty of language a 100,000 years ago, so that means that we spent more time communicating with our bodies than with words or drawn images.

However, very few people consciously understand body language. Even less people actually ‘speak’ it.

When we are with people, our operating system runs the body language program seamlessly. Our limbic brain is continuously processing non verbal information. The lizard that lives inside us – also know as intuition – is always miles ahead of our ‘neo-cortex’ – the part that is more commonly known as our ‘rational’ self – when it comes to knowing what is going on.

I deliberately put ‘rational’ in quotes because I find the human quest to pursue rationality as comical as Don Quijote’s attempt to conquer windmills.

Don’t believe me? Just looking at the stock market will give you all the evidence you need. And because this is a discussion topic that often gets me into way too much trouble, that’s all I’m going to say about it (for now).

However what is quite new is our ability to communicate with each other without being physically together.  We forget how unbelievable this would have been only 4 or 5 generations ago. Today we take this for granted to the point that we communicate with more people through a communication device than we do in person!

In other words, you could think that this way of communication we take for granted today is actually very alien to that lizard inside of us. Right?

Not exactly, because the sound of people’s voices also belongs to the realm of body language. And just like we can learn the rich vocabulary of the body, the same is true for the way we use our voice!

Want to learn how?

In this letter I am featuring Vanessa Van Edwards, I am an enormous fan of all the work she does to help us better understand the world of non-verbal communication. In fact, she even teaches us how to actively master these skills. The article I wanted to share with you here will probably blow your mind a bit because she shares 10 amazing little  phone strategies that are really worth picking up…

Click here to read the article


Enjoy it – but keep it a secret, ok?