More specifically this means:

  • Clarify and craft a message that earns the ongoing attention and business of your target audience.
  • Build strategies and systems to build stronger relationships of trust with the right audience in a crowded, noisy and competitive world.

Baldwin turned our thinking about our clients and how we best serve them completely upside down. It has enabled us to focus first and foremost on the inter-personal and human interactions rather than the tasks or services we offer them, thereby ensuring a more meaningful and genuine development of client relationships. Within 24h of our session with Baldwin, our team was busy putting all we had learned into practice!
— Liesbet Peeters, Managing Partner D. Capital Partners

The work that Baldwin is doing with content-driven inbound marketing is like a fresh breeze in the financial services industry. It is helping business and individuals position themselves to build deeper relationships and provide the products and services that truly matter in this increasingly connected and social world.
— Nilofer Merchant – Fellow at The Martin Prosperity Institute on “New Power