Turning your prospects into clients is great. Converting them into true fans is even better!

You may have a great product and wonderful professionals, but unless you have a well thought out sales and marketing process that focuses on building real human relationships, you probably won't reach your full potential.

What are human experiences worth in a virtual world?

Many businesses are making the mistake of putting technology ahead of human relationships.


With Business2Human, we focus on how to leverage technology to become more effective at building personal relationships with our prospects and clients. After all, people do business with those they like and trust!


In this training you will learn how to build systems and strategies to:


  • Attract more prospects - Make meaningful individual connections with the right people for your business
  • Convert them into clients - Systematically build strong human relationships so more prospects become clients
  • Turn clients into fans - Turn your clients into an army of repeat buyers and business referrers

About the program


This program starts with an actively guided brainstorming session. We use a 9-step framework to map out a business development process that turns our prospects into clients and our clients into a network of business-referring fans.


Once we have the blueprint for a new business development process, we help you to implement it at an advisory level.


Have a look at the short presentation below to learn more about the program: