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After a career of 20 years in the corporate world of Global Financial Services, and more specifically within Capital Markets and Investment Management, 5 years ago I decided to pursue an entrepreneurial calling by setting up my own advisory business to assist business with complex value propositions with their positioning, marketing, business development strategies.

These experiences have provided me with unique skills and insights.  They stretched my creativity, tested my resilience, and expanded my understanding of the elements that truly define a succesful business. 

The single most important thing that I learned from this journey was that, regardless of the industry or the size of the business, acquiring a deep understanding of who your clients exactly are, the ability to help them better understand their challenges and how to overcome them is what truly defines a great business.

I’ve also learned that a proposition becomes difficult to ignore when a business has a purpose that is proudly adopted by its own people and intuitively understood by its clients.

Finally, what I learned about myself during this process was that if you go alone, you may go fast, but if you go together, you can go far. It helped me understand the value of teamwork and that working with great people is a privilege.

Therefore, I am currently looking to put the combination of entrepreneurial and corporate skills to work as a business development strategist in a company that is committed to ongoing innovation and understands the strategic importance of always having absolute clarity about who it serves, why it serves them and what it will take to keep having that privilege.