Storify Your Business

How do you get your prospect's attention in an increasingly distracting world?

We live and work in a world full of distractions. That is why earning your client's attention is more difficult and more important than ever before.

Stories are the secret password to anyone's attention

Imagine how powerful this could be for your business!

With the Storify Your Business workshop you will learn how to:


  • Apply a simple storytelling formula to make your business easier to understand.
  • Clarify your message and get the attention of your target audience.
  • Build strong relationships of trust and earn the business.
  • Make it easier for people to spread your message.


After completing this practical workshop you will come out with a powerful story framework that will help you position your message to attract more business.

About the program

Storytelling secrets


Even though we live and work in an increasingly distracting world, there are those who still create stories that we can't resist such as TV shows, novels and movies. I set out to learn their secrets and discovered that we can also put these methods to work for our business. 


With this training you will understand why story structures are so powerful, why they get anyone's attention and how we can use them for our business.

Storytelling formulas

Storytelling has been around for as long as we can remember. Many people think it is an art, but in reality it is more of a science. The reason for this is actually quite obvious: our survival used to depend on stories because it was the only way to pass on important information in a world that was mostly illiterate. That is why we simply can't ignore a good story.


With Storify Your Business, you will discover a simple 5-step formula to create a clear message to position yourself in order to attract the attention and interest of your ideal client.

Earn, keep, and convert attention


Before you can earn someone's business, you need to build a strong relationship of trust. To do so you need to stay top of mind and achieve the authority that sets you apart from the competition. 


This program will provide you with an effective system to turn the relationships with your prospects into a positive experience of added value by providing the guidance they need to make the right decisions. 

Are you ready to clarify your message and win more business?