Short promotional animation

This example is the position of the Frontera Investor Group.

It's purpose is to position the Frontera Group as a business community for exotic, developing markets.

Promotional documentary

Rocks International advises mostly institutional investors on strategies for the diamond industry.

We produced a documentary series of 8 episodes to showcase Rocks International's expertise in the diamond industry

Profile videos

Insparo Asset Management managed funds that invest in emerging markets.

This promotional profile video features an interview with the group's CEO, Mohammed Hanif, in which he shares his insights and experience about investing in emerging markets.

Ascot is a private wealth advisor. We produced a short introduction video to be featured on their website.

We interviewed the 2 founding principals who tell us what managing private wealth means to them.

Educational animations

This short video explains how Morocco's corporates are expanding accross Africa. 

It is a combination between an interview with an expert and animated graphics that illustrate the story.

Africa's fixed income opportunity explained in 90 seconds.